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Fourteen Unforgettable Places to Stay in Kanazawa

We manage and operate fourteen different overnight accommodations facilities in Kanazawa (as of April 2023),
from boutique hotels with just a handful of rooms, to guest houses rented out in their entirety to just a single party each night.
Each one of these is conveniently located in central Kanazawa, perfect for seeing the city’s highlights — and, in some cases, as great places for long-term stays, to accommodate unique new travel needs.
Our overnight accommodations facilities are shown below. We hope you’ll find one perfect for your next trip to Kanazawa.

Tours and Experiences

Our team members were either born and raised in Ishikawa or have lived there for a long time.
We share deep love for our city and are big enthusiasts of travelling and adventure.
We would be happy to share our knowlege of the region and it's history to help you make your trip to Ishikawa unforgettable.